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Here you can read about our mares, offspring and our sales horses.

RM Arabians is a little ecological stud, which is situated  in New Esbjerg municipality in south-west part of Jytland, Denmark.

The dream about a arabian stud became real in January 1996 when We purcased our first arabian mare Tsarina.
 Since then we got serveral mares from Denmark and Germany. So today we got about 5 mares, some foals and young horses.

RM Jameelah Bint Samirah

(Wish Me Luck x Samirah)

Jameelah is one our broodmares, see more under broodmares.

Our aim is to breed arabian horses of high quality, who is all-round and can be used fore riding, show and breeding.
 Who has a good temper/mind and is easy to handle, so the hole famely can be arund the arabian horse.
Some of our offspring.

RM Jinah Al Tayr  -  Wish Me Lucks Sascha  -  RM Ibn Sarakah  -  Raunsøs Natascha  -  RM Qidar  -  RM Al Maarouff

To our stud there belongs 25 acres land. We have about 3 acres with grass on 5 fold.
To of them is for the babys. We self cultivate our hay to our horses for the year.
The rest of the land is used fore ecological grass, maize and corn to our neighbour.
 We are self-sufficient here on the farm.

You are always welcome to visit our stud.

Heidi Fredsted & Vagn Åge Jessen
Ravnsøvej 5, DK-6740 Bramming
+4575191206 / +4527578453

August 2007

August 2007