Luwanaya's El Morya  OX + 4851

(S.N. Sadek x Luwanaya's El Mayshaa/Menzahib )
Born: 6 juni 2001 /grey / 149 cm high

 We got Morya  from Hungary on the 11th of  November 2012.
Morya lived in a stallion group of 9 stallions most of his life. Morya has been ridden in 2011 and ridden for about 4 months.
He is a sweet and very nice gelding.
He is incredibly easy to be with. He has a good trot and canter.
He will be my next riding horse. He will be used for dressage and endurance.

Morya is bred by Christina Weidmann from Hungary.

A little about his parents
Father: S.N. Sadek has been the Italian National Champion and several times International Champion in his youth,
later he lived a quiet stallion lives in Hungary, as a riding horse.
His father line is famous for all kinds title show Champions and World-, European-, National-
and many international Champions They all had a very special look - very Arabic and exotic.
SN Shadeks children also, good body, good riding properties strong legs and type.
His mother Sadika was pure polish descent of Germans leading racehorse line Saudi Dardir
with very athletic bodies alongside their absolute beauty -
SN Shadek was the perfect combination of beauty and performance.
Ibn Estasha x Sadika was a match that produced some siblings, who won the big shows.

Grandpa: Ibn Estasha is an international champion, multi-national junior champion and German National junior champion.
Far to many champion show horses.

Mother: Luwanaya's El Mayshaa. Mayshaa is also a daughter of out of Ludmila (Swiss National Champion res.
and the top 5 of the European championships, several times rewarded with gold for herself and her offspring).
Her father is living red stallion - Swiss and Spanish National Champion - pure Spanish - Menzahaib is bred by Diego Mendes.
Mayshaa is a very talented horse with big movements, she was a competitive horse and she is a dream to ride.
She is still ridden a little.
She had been a junior Swiss Champion and No. 6 at the European championships.


S.N. Sadek

Ibn Estasha


Hadban Enzahi



Shaker El Masri








Luwanayas El Mayshaa

Menzahib Uzacur Maquillo
Grazalema Jaguay
Dalia IV
Ludmila Salem Karmin
Etica Tabal


Ride results 2015:

Luwanaya's El Morya and I is number 3 on the non scoring ranking list in Endurance in 2015

Bramming rideclub : Dressage: LD2 63,33% 3 place

Endurance: RØMØ VADEHAVSRIDE the 10th of October. 16 km.  completed in time 2 hours and 11 min.

Endurance: BLÅBJERG RIDE the 26th of September. 6 km.  completed in time 1 hour and 1 min.

Endurance: NORDSLESVISKE RIDE the 29th of August. 28 km.  completed in time 2 hours and 52 min.

Endurance: ROM RIDE the 11th of July. 22 km.  completed in time 2 hours and 31 min.

Bramming rideclub : Dressage: LD1 65,55 % 3 place and LD2 65,23% 4 place

Endurance: VOREBASSE RIDE the 6th of June. 17 km. completed in time 1 hour and 50 min.

Endurance: RIBE RIDE the 23th of May. 17 km. completed in time 1 hour and 44 min.

Endurance: KØBENHAVNER RIDE the 9th of May. 15 km. completed in time 1 hour and 55 min.

Endurance: DRONNINGUND RIDE the 25th of april. 17 km. completed in time 1 hour and 45 min.

Endurance: AASKOV RIDE the 5th of April. 17 km completed in time 1 hour and 44 min.

Ride results 2014:

Endurance: Rømø Vadehavs ride the 11th Oktober. 30 km completed in time 2 hour and 44 min.

Endurance: Bjåbjerg ride the 27th september. 16 km. completed in time 1 hour and 44 min.

Endurance: Nordslegsvisk ride the 6 th september. 16 km. completed in time 1 hour and 25 min.

Endurance: Sydfyns ride 16th August. 15 km. completed in time 1 hour and 49 min.

Bramming Riding school dressage March: LD1 65,28%

Ride results 2013:

Bramming Riding school dressage November: LD1 64,33% and LD2 61,67%

Endurance Oktober: Feldborg ride 15 km. completed in time 1 hour and 31 min.

Endurance Spetember: Blåbjerg ride 16 km. completed in time 1 hour and 58 min.

Showresults 2013:

Denmark Open Vallensbæk 2013: 82,33p.

Dressage on Bramming riding school November 2013

Endurance Feldborg Ride Oktober 2013

Endurance Blåbjerg ride September 2013




January 2013

January 2013